OK…after the recent upgrade and subsequent tweaks to Google’s RSS reader, I’m taking it out for a spin as my primary feed reader (replacing the Firefox plugin sage, FYI). So far, so good.

The big bang for my buck is no duplication…I have feeds duplicated in readers at home, at work, and on my laptop with sage (and also on my Nokia 770 with it’s integrated reader), and it’s a royal pain in my ass to have to re-read feeds in 3 places to make sure I don’t miss anything. Online readers fix that…but I hadn’t been able to find a web-based reader I could stand. I tried bloglines several different times, and I hate the interface…and in fact, I hated the original Google Reader interface. It’s why I stopped using both of them.

But with the new updates, Google Reader isn’t too bad at all, and even supports keyboard shortcuts; sweet! I had a bit of a struggle getting one of my own feeds (for my blog comments) subscribed…finally worked it out. There does appear to be a tiny bit of wigginess with feed subscriptions, though. I hope it never bites me severely! But for now, I’m happy to spend some time kicking these tires.

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