Michael Robertson (formerly of mp3.com, now of mp3tunes.com, sipphone.com, and linspire.com) has just announced a major enhancement to mp3tunes’ Oboe locker. The free version of the locker formerly could only be used with music freely available on the web; now you can upload 1000 songs, or 1 GB (whichever comes first) into even the free version, and have everything available on up to 3 different PCs, streamable on demand, and connected to devices like the Nokia 770. Great idea, Michael! And I love the statements he makes about how you’ll be treated:

  • It’s YOUR data and we won’t lock you in.
  • You decide where your music will play, not us.
  • We won’t use patents or DRM (digital restriction management) to block others from using our system.

He’s making sense to me! And the price is right, since I still haven’t even converted a gigabyte of music to MP3s yet. Heck, even the upgrades are cheap; $20/year for 2GB, and $40/year for unlimited storage, unlimited PC access. There are already plugins for Winamp and iTunes, and you can apparently play back music on a Tivo, which is pretty cool. I’m looking forward to playing around with this.

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