Ah, this is a priceless find; a review of the new Will Ferrell movie, Talladega Nights – The Legend of Ricky Bobbyat a racing news site (Insider Racing News). It appears that the reviewer has mistaken a satirical comedy (hey, it’s Will Ferrell, folks) for some sort of NASCAR documentary:

  • While all of this was going on we were also introduced to the wife of the team owner, an already drunk, booze swilling, barely conscious harridan. By the time they introduced Ricky Bobby’s nemesis Formula 1 driver Jean Girard, it didn’t even faze me that he was driving the #55 car.
  • The much-ballyhooed wreck, which sidelined Ricky Bobby, consisted an ugly but non-injury accident that for some reason convinced Ricky that he was on fire. Considering that fire is without a doubt a driver’s worse fear and you couldn’t help but wonder why they would pick such a situation to joke about
  • In the short period of time it took to present this farce, they managed to minimize the severity of drugs in racing, the impact of wives the likes of Pattie Petty, DeLana Harvick, and Stevie Waltrip, and suggest that team members won’t hesitate to take out a competitor to benefit their teammates. Well, that one we’re not too sure about.
  • Now I can already hear the shouts of, “Oh, for cryin’ out loud! Lighten up!” and you’d be right except for the efforts of NASCAR to stomp out anything and everything relating to the history of the sport in an effort not only to broaden it’s appeal, but it marketing capability as well.

Ooohhhkay. I get that you’re a little upset…but this wasn’t a Discovery channel presentation on the sport, you know? It’s a COMEDY. A slapstick, farcical summer comedy. Did you laugh at Zoolander? I wonder if the fashion industry was shocked by their presentation there? How about Happy Gilmore? Terrible stereotypes of golfers! *gasp* I’d say lighten up, but I’m not sure some people know how to…

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