Another threshold crossed! I’ve been ripping DVDs for some time and dumping them onto my iPAQ 1945; trivial (go, mencoder!). And I’ve been using a MythTV box for some time to record the few TV shows that I DO watch; easy.

I can watch Myth’d shows throughout the house: on the TV connected to the MythTV box, my desktop machine, or even my Windows laptop thanks to the various incarnations of mythfrontend. But what I hadn’t gotten around to wiring up was converting Myth’d files to a format that I could put on the iPAQ and view. The MythTV storage type is called NUV, and it’s specific to Myth…as well as much higher quailty (and size) than is needed for the portable player.

nuvexport to the rescue! I’d read about it, but hadn’t pulled the trigger on getting it set up. It’s got some foibles…it’s basically just a perl based wrapper for other transcoding tools, and it sometimes suffers the slings and arrows of changes to those other programs (this thread at mythtv-users saved my bacon when I updated ffmpeg). But with some experimentation, it is working great! Thanks to everyone involved for making such excellent tools. I should have the premiere of Eureka sitting on my iPAQ in about an hour, which makes the chances of me watching it soon much greater! *grin*

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