Wow! I have only seen the New World News post and the linked YouTube video, but Neil Protagonist’s anime-inspired sim is a) AWESOME, and b) a genius foray into “immersive commerce” (Hamlet Au’s term, not mine. Clever, though).

First off, I love good, high-quality anime/animation, and this sim appears to be a true homage to the genre. Hats off! I think even more important, though, is the commerce setup…everything is for sale with a click! It’s sad to see the prefab mall concept mindlessly replicated into SecondLife, and it’s always irked me in the back of my head. Neil’s build clarifies the issue perfectly…there’s no NEED for a mall-like setup for storage of inventory, organization of product (sometimes on virtual shelves, even!), and mindless separation into boxes of shops. Instead, wander through a sim where everything is for sale with a right-click and “Buy”, where items can be shown as they’ll be used. It looks like a great idea; I can’t wait to login (let me go see if the Linux client has been recently updated…).

See ya in Nakama!

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