Damn it! I whacked a perfectly good, long blogpost earlier by shutting down Firefox while it was sitting, unsaved, in another tab. Crap! Yet another reason to add an “editing” flag to my database schema for posts, so that I can save early, save often without having half-baked posts show up.

It WAS a discussion of one of Jon Udell’s latest posts. Good stuff from both fronts; in the practical sense, he taught me some much-needed JSON hacking. In a more contemplative mode, his thoughts on the boundaries between public and private data on the Internet (especially WRT social networks) match up well with a post I’ve been working on in my head over the past few days. I love it!

*sigh*…This version of this post sucks SO much more than the other one. The saving grace is, of course, that is exists, and the other doesn’t. *grin*

PS: by the way, you can see the results of my new little javascript hack on my website homepage…the “recent links” block used to be a static, manually updated list (which hadn’t been updated…um…in a long time), and is now a live mix-in of links from my del.icio.us feed. Fun!

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