I’ll be honest; I have an initial gut feeling on the DP World situation, but I haven’t finished working through my reading on it and gnashing things out. As food for thought, though, this KRT wire article (damn thing; it’ll probably linkrot in 10 days or so) hits a lot of interesting points for me. Among them:

Kirk [R-Ill], among others, believes the president made a decision based on bad advice, counsel that apparently did not include congressional Republicans. “The kind of scrutiny that happens in a closed-door meeting with 10 or 15 staffers in the executive branch is very different from the kind of scrutiny that you will get in a House or Senate committee, backed by an energized press,” Kirk said. (emphasis added)

Regardless of your feelings for this president (and I’ve made no secret of mine; to say I’m no fan of his is putting it mildly), this situation is pointing out some of the dangers of such an insular executive branch. I find the whole situation intensely fascinating.

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