Holee crap! I’ve been trying to get a Windows-based mythfrontend working for awhile now…unfortunately, the most well-known contender, WinMyth, doesn’t work so well yet. As in, not at all (for me, anyway…as always, YMMV). But one of the prereqs for WinMyth is called DSMyth (it’s the DirectShow filters for the MythTV protocols), and I was reading through the news on that site today and finally noticed that they mention another option. So I downloaded Media Player Classic (, per the DSMyth instructions…and lo and behold, it freakin’ works! (Additional notes; I’m using DSMyth 0.10 with this, and go to this forum thread for info on changing live TV channels [it’s supposed to get easier in next version]).

I’m impressed. I’m freakin’ impressed. And it’s all open source/free software, so I can poke it with a stick if I want. Joy. This makes my Windows laptop (w/ 802.11g) a wireless TV extender, and player for recorded Myth programs. Uber-cool. Much thanks to everyone involved with WinMyth, DSMyth, and MPC. You all rock.

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