Well, so far the migration appears pretty successful. Nothing appears to be lost. The template generating my RSS feed needs some editing; it only has title info right now, and no datetime data. That’s pretty trivial. Definitely some CSS tweaking, but that was expected.

And I get a real web framework again! Nothing against blosxom in general; it ably powered my weblog for a while. Much longer than intended, in fact. And I could have added things like comments to blosxom, of course…but it was always a solution limited to my weblog, vs. my entire site. Rebuilding my reading list, for example, it really beyond the scope of blosxom (though possible, I’m sure, with much tweaking).

Using Django, OTOH, gives me a full-blown application framework. Clean integration with databases, all the python libraries available, flexible templating language, caching capability, framework plugins…the list goes on. This thing is great!

In addition, Django has an underappreciated (by me, anyway) bonus; the admin interface. Through The Web, easy to use and customize, full control of the data in the app. And built in…when I build a data class, the admin stuff basically comes for free (along with the DDL for the db table, for that matter…truly a DRY infrastructure). I didn’t really grok how much I’d like it until I tried it (as I am now, writing this blogpost in it).

I’ve already slapped the above-mentioned reading list back in, turned on commenting, and I’m preparing some more additions. Django is fun!

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