Tricky little bastards. I presently have an inner ear infection,
most likely CAUSED BY A VIRUS, that’s put me down for two days. I don’t
actually feel that bad in the “sore throat, cough, fever” sense…but
my inner ear is so wonked that I actually threw up on Saturday from
the sensation of walking around my house and turning my head quickly!
Ick! (See, the old “tell you what my cat ate this morning” bloggers
got NOTHIN’ on me, baby!) Can’t drive, can’t do much of anything.

I’ve learned how to sit and read in bed (and finally even at the desk
today) with my head remaining VERY still. It helps. (Plus, I’ve been
on Dramamine 24×7 since Saturday evening). Nothing to take for this,
since IT’S A VIRUS. The general timeframe is two to three days, so
hopefully I’ll be back out and about tomorrow. In the meantime, where
are the nanobots? I need anti-viral nanites, and I need ’em right now!

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