NerdTV is a new multimedia interview series by Robert Cringely (of i, cringely “fame” — he’s a PBS technology columnist, and far from the worst one out there. Yes, I mean you, John Dvorak. *grin*)

i, cringely is standard web stuff; a weekly column/blogpost, in
effect. NerdTV is a (per the website) “weekly online TV show
… essentially Charlie Rose for geeks – a one-hour interview
show with a single guest from the world of technology”. It’s not bad;
I’ve seen the standard folks like Tim O’Reilly and Bill Joy, but
Cringely has also roped in some slightly less well-known (but
interesting) folks, like Max Levchin (29-year old co-founder of
PayPal), and Brewster Kahle (founder of the Internet Archive). Good stuff,
overall, and they put it out as video, MP3, AAC, OGG…about any way
you want it. They’ve got RSS feeds and Bittorrent seeds as well, so
they’re using all the buzzwords.

I…umm…didn’t have high hopes for this week. The guest was Anina; a 23-year old European fashion
model who “represents the new European tradition in mobile Internet
development”, and whose voice sounds like, well, a 23-year European
fashion model. I’m thinking…WTF? But hey, I trust ol’ Bob…so I
drop the MP3 on my player for my run yesterday. And it wasn’t bad!! At
all! Here’s Anina, talking about the classic hacker’s “scratching the
itch” (nothing pervy there…I really do mean the hacker sense of it!)
when she wants to tweak apps that her phone uses. Downloading the
developer’s kit and hacking around until 3am before she goes out for a
shoot. I laughed out loud! This interview rocks! Hackerdom is alive
and well in places (like European nightclubs) far beyond the purview
of MakeZine! Things are maybe
looking a little better.

Great podcast. Recommended.

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