I like Google News Alerts. When something bugs me, I pop it into an alert, and keep track of it, often long after it’s fallen off the front page. (I still have one running for “brazilian london investigation Menezes”, and it still gets hits. The Met police chief Sir Ian Blair just met Menezes family face to face for the first time yesterday, in the House of Commons, for example.)

Anyway, the new one is easy. quoted(“no photos, no stories”). From SF Chronicle, (via boingboing):

Already, up pops the Army’s response:

As long as that “Joe” who doesn’t get it is getting an earful right
now (from a sergeant who got an earful from a Captain who got his ass
chewed by a Colonel, hopefully), then I’m ok with that. Because it’s
NOT ok for an active-duty 82nd Airborne trooper to threaten a
reporter for doing his job within in the state of Lousiana, barring a
state of martial law. (which hasn’t been declared. There is a state of
emergency, but it doesn’t suspend the Constitution.) When a
professional soldier threatens to kick you out of the state and take
your press credentials, it’s scant comfort to hear that a spokesman
for his commanding officer says otherwise, unless they make the
situation VERY clear to the men on the ground VERY fast.

Disclaimer for militant nutballs: I have the greatest respect for our professional soldier cadre, but
(as Spidey’s Uncle Ben said), “with great power comes great
responsibility”. When you get guns and bombs to play with, you have to
play by the rules.

And yeppers…I left in the Google News Alert. So if anything interesting about this pops up, the power of the Interweb will let us know.

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