I’ve got happy and sad today.

First off, funny. Kung Fu Monkey is consistently clever, funny, and insightful; it’s worth reading in your aggregator. Recently, David Brin pointed to one of KFM’s older posts, though…which I hadn’t seen, and flat out cracked me up:

TOO freakin’ true. I miss Republicans, too. And, to be fair, Democrats. And pragmatism, rational discourse, debate, and compromise. (Who IS this who’s hijacked my blog?? *grin*)

Secondly…sad and disturbing. The reports aren’t all in yet in the
investigation of the “shoot to head” mistaken killing of Jean Charles de
Menezes in London last month, but there are new allegations that are
not good
. Like…he wasn’t running from police. He wasn’t wearing
a heavy coat. He basically left a flat that was under investigation,
went to the train station, got on, sat down, and had a guy jump on the
train and put a bullet in his head. And then several more, just to be

Uhhh…uhh…anyone else feeling a little sick?

Noted…all the info isn’t in yet. These are allegations, and part of an ongoing investigation. And the London police DO seem to be taking the investigation seriously. But this is not the sort of situation we want to get in, folks. Yeah…it got a little crazy, and no one was sure…so we removed the guy’s head. It’s policy. It’s the only way to be sure.

In case I haven’t said it recently…if this sort of thing becomes accepted, THE BAD GUYS WIN.

I actually think I’m to the point where I hope these new allegations are false. If they are, I’ll make sure to point it out as soon as I hear that.

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