So, when I was blogging
about Brin
and climate change, I was reviewing some old posts. I noticed an
old one about Jamie Zawinski , where I talk about his
fantastic Groupware BAD essay.

I went back and reread it. There’s good shit there, for several reasons:

  • He NAILS his point, and still manages to be laugh-out-loud funny.
  • His basic “calendaring share” may be something a buddy and I try to
    hack up. Good stuff.
  • Quotes, quotes, quotes!

I mean, really…this is priceless:

“Groupware” is all about things like “workflow”, which means, “the
chairman of the committee has emailed me this checklist, and I’m done with
item 3, so I want to check off item 3, so this document must be sent back to
my supervisor to approve the fact that item 3 is changing from `unchecked’
to `checked’, and once he does that, it can be directed back to committee
for review.”

Nobody cares about that shit. Nobody you’d want to talk to, anyway.

Go Jamie! You friggin’ rock.

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