OK…my mind is boggling over this: How To Save The
: Computing on the Net is heading for a fall because
security is a joke. So we summoned the best minds to see if we
could put Humpty back together again.

Hmm. Does the best
list include Blake Ross (Firefox’s co-creator, who has saved thousands of
people from pop-up Hell and actually improved Internet security [with mucho thanks to all the other Mozilla folks,
of course]). Or Linus Torvalds? Or Jon Udell? Or, hell…Steve Jobs?

Nope. Doesn’t appear to. But they have some um, great ideas, like “Remove Intelligence
from the Edge, and Pull it Back to The Network Center” (an AT&T
exec…shocker), and “Let’s make all end user devices nonprogrammable”
(by a asst prof of CS at FIT…that’s Florida Institute of
Technology. And no, I’d never heard of it either.)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

And the REALLY funny thing is that these morons at CIO have given
me a “complimentary” subscription to the paper version (w00t!) that I,
with typical hacker disoganization, have forgotten to renew. (Hey,
it’s fun to mock sometimes). They’ve actually been trying to get me to
do so. I can’t WAIT to get another email from them (I went looking for
old ones, but apparently I’ve actually been deleting these, which is
rare. I delete few non-spam emails period). Insult me, and then ask me
to read your rag; fancy that.

I think I may put CIO on the same list I put
Michael Savage (who I’m purposefully not linking to); media that I
occasionally pay attention to, so that I can make a point of NOT using
their advertisers.

Oh, and shout out to BoingBoing for the link. Props to ya brotha!

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