(a private zinger, but I like it nonetheless *grin*). boingboing
posts link to AP article describing a shameful (and dangerous) lack of
comprehension of the importance of the rights enshrined in our
Constitution and Bill of Rights:

When told of the exact text of the
First Amendment, more than one in three high school students said it
goes “too far” in the rights it guarantees.
What the fuck?

Three in four students said flag burning is illegal… Thank
goodness, not yet. Now, bear in mind, I get cross with people who wear
flags as fucking neckerchiefs, and I’ve hurt myself before (eh,
slightly) jumping to catch a flag before it hit the ground. But while
I may not agree with your speech…it’s speech. (and yes, flag burning
is speech. You want to argue that one, bring it on.) I may not like it, and I may not like you; but I’ll defend your right to say it unconditionally.

These people need to get their shit in one sock, before we end up with serious problems. Enough of these ignorant schoolchildren grow up, and they’ll vote something REALLY stupid into place…whew, I think I’m wound up. *grin* I feel a rant coming on…excellent!

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