A quick synopsis of online computer-related audio. I filled out a questionnaire for IT Conversations, and they asked about some other sites (ie, which of these do you listen to? Answer: none of them!), so I thought I’d check ’em out. Some of them are completely new to me…some I’m heard of, but never tried.

CNET Radio Direct: Wants me to install CNET Download Manager. Not! Some stuff also available as streaming only from news.com…no joy. That’s my LAST preference. Plus, the info looks strongly marketing-ish only. Decision: Pass.

WebTalk Guys: Hmm….lessee. Ah, good…they provide on-demand MP3 downloads. (FWIW…I call on-demand download of almost any non-DRM’d format ok…I prefer MP3, but I can transcode most stuff as long as it’s not locked up.) Weeell…it’s not BAD…but a little weak on real tech content. I mean, compare IT Conversations interview on Agile Software Development to “Presidential Candidates Speed Up Their Sites”. But there’s probably some stuff worth listening to here…I’ll have to trawl through and find the good stuff. Decision: More Review

O’Donnell on Technology: Web archives of the “the #1-rated consumer-oriented call-in computer talk show broadcast throughout Silicon Valley and the entire Northern California Area”. O…kay. The archives are in a mix of formats (RA, WMA, now MP3…yay!)…there are no synopses that I see, so I’ll have to d/l a couple to check them out. Decision: More Review

KenRadio: (hey…like the name!) Eh…looks pretty glib at first glance, plus streaming only. Probably not worth the effort. Decision: Pass

Into Tomorrow: “THE listener interactive network radio show covering the latest in Consumer Electronics and Technology” (not really what I’m looking for…plus, the homepage is a Dreamweaver-built, no real text, spacer-pixel-gif built monstrosity). Hmm…archives do have MP3s, though…I’ll drop a couple on my iPaq and see how they fly. Decision: More Review

Computer America: Oooh boy. Another talk radio show, and the geekness factor looks quite low. But the archives are MP3, so I’ll at least give it a try. Decision: More Review

So far, nothing appears to come close to IT Conversations. But it’s always good to have choices!

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