Very cool…I almost can’t believe I haven’t seen this before. The Web Framework Shootout is a comparison of a number of the popular Python web programming frameworks. All the examples implement the same app: a simple Wiki. The different “competitors” include a number of frameworks that I’m familiar with (Quixote, Twisted, and Zope), and a number of others that I’ve wanted to check out (CherryPy, Skunkweb, Webware, Albatross, and Spyce, among others ).

Quite enlightening. From the sample code, my intuition seems to have been correct…I like Quixote most, and Twisted has good ideas as well (there is no Twisted code at the Shootout, actually…but I’ve seen the port using Nevow, the successor to Woven [the MVC web framework for Twisted]). I’m actually in the process of testing my own comparison of Quixote and Twisted Nevow now, in order to determine what will inherit this (presently Zope-based) site. Good to know that most of the others, while interesting in some senses, don’t really fit my style.

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