*sigh* I KNEW better. I knew better when I wrote it. My previous comments with respect to language verbosity, etc. have already resulted in a friend asking me “where’s that code? It’s probably not a good comparison.” I KNEW better. *grin*

For what it’s worth…I’m sure it wasn’t a good comparison. But the most important point to note is that I DON’T CARE…however, me writing about it in that fashion made it seem like I did. I implied that the reason I don’t use C# and Java is that they’re wordy…a technical reason. Let me be clear. That is not the reason I don’t use those languages. I just happened to be in a hyped-up mood, so I let the comment fly!

I’m a Free Software advocate, first and foremost, not an Open Source one. My first, primary consideration is the freedom of the tool. I’ll compare perl and python, ruby and lisp, pike and C, all on equal footing. When I complete my technical, aesthetic, and personal/irrational preference decisions, I’ll pick one. But non-free software isn’t even in the race to start with.

And yes… Mono will eventually be something to consider. And soon, even (I already have the debs installed, actually)…which will give C# a foot in the door. But I’ll be comparing C#/Mono (with it’s limitations on class availability, whatever they end up as) to Python, not MS/C#, or Rotor, or anything else. It’s a philosophical choice, not a technical one.

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