Wow. I just finished a bloghop that ended in a stark reminder of one of the reasons I like Python so much.

I’m keeping this deliberately vague (because it’s all too easy nowadays to google your way through genericized info to the source ); no specifics.

Not that I’m slamming anyone too hard…but I hang out in different “net circles” normally, so it’s enlightening to be reminded occasionally: a) what weak excuses for “articles” can end up on rah-rah big-acronym developer sites, and b) how freakin’ WORDY both Java and C# are! I don’t think I’m letting any cat out of a bag by admitting it was an article about doing…um, something *grin* that compared the code between the two.

One was 27 lines (this was just example stuff), one was 24 lines. I didn’t run the code…but the output was compared (it needed to be the same), and all the code was doing was displaying to the screen. Same output in Python? 3 lines. Amazing.

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