Well, after much head-scratching and attempts at doing things the easy way, I’ve found at least one (not hard, but relatively PITA) way of getting songs from pressplay onto our MP3 players. Download, make portable…BURN TO CD-RW *sigh*, then rip back off as MP3. Isn’t that simple? Neither of the MP3 players in my house support WMA, so that wasn’t an option. (and no, I’m not going to buy a new player to play music that I’m already paying a monthly fee and a “make portable” charge to get!).

I have discovered another option, however. Use pressplay to find the music I like…and then go buy the CD at a secondhand music store. (and no, I don’t buy CDs, rip them, and then re-sell them. If I rip it, I keep it.) I see no need to encourage the insanity beyond the level absolutely required; if I can get my music via secondhand stores, and thus avoid further fattening the coffers of the clueless record labels , then I will. Yep…that also means the artists don’t get a new sale either (at least I assume it does; I really have no idea if there’s any licensing/royalty payments involved at used CD stores). But I’m sick and tired of being considered a criminal because I want to listen to music I already own in a particular format.

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