Joy! Some fun to be had. I’ve been trying to find a good, powerful, Pythonic GUI widget implementation for awhile now… Tkinter is well supported but less powerful; wxPython has great features, but is a THIN (read, know your C++) wrapper on wxWindows. There are some projects out there to improve the state of affairs…but they’re comparatively (new|not widely used), so tutorials and examples are sparse. However, I have a need for a simple GUI app…so I’m going to write it 3 times, and see which works best!

Chosen are:

  • anygui (VHL, write same code for multiple backends, same concept as anydbm )
  • Wax (built on top of wxPython)
  • Mojoview (built on top on pyGTK2)

I will report back on my findings…

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