OK…here’s the deal. I’ve turned over a new leaf. The architecture here at kenzoid.com has changed slightly (as it is…um…wont to do every couple of months. Hey, I get bored! *grin*). But I’m burning some bridges this time. I finally managed to set up properly (ie, read the docs for) using Apache2 instead of Apache1 as my virtual hosting frontend (right now, the site proper is rendered in Zope and Plone ).

But Apache2 gives me a lot of cool stuff…I’ve been wanting to use it. I can now use the subversion apache module to host a source repository , and the mod_python module for Apache2 is also packaged for Debian now, so I can move forward again with Quixote . Excellent!

So I’m drawing a line in the sand. I love OpenACS and all, and I’ll still use it at work, but for my personal site, I’m permanently dumping AOLserver and Apache1. In addition, I’m moving off off a Zope-based content site ASAP, giving preference to Quixote. I also want to start playing with Twisted again when I get the chance…but site-flip to Quixote comes first. I’ll work on the CSS, but don’t be surprised if it isn’t nearly as pretty at first (Plone does look pretty sharp, I have to admit). But even though Zope is Python-based…it’s pretty unique (read: wacky) WRT how sites are designed. I just can’t wrap my head around “the Zope Way”. With Zope and Plone, I’d struggle to do anything that wasn’t pretty standard stuff. Ick!

That’s it. If you see me switch this site back to OpenACS, you should razz me mercilessly. Vive la Python! (oops…sorry Lee! *grin*)

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