DebianPlanet: kdenetwork and kdepim accepted in sid Excellent! I have knotes and korganizer back. Life is good.

This is cool looking: What is pGina? As it stands, the Microsoft Windows 2000 client operating system only provides a single method of user authentication…. Through the creation of a substitute GINA that can dynamically load plugins, where a plugin can be created to use ANY method of authentication, we propose that it is possible to systematically, and simply, provide for the authentication and login of a user via many different methods. Dudes…this is pretty interesting. It customizes the Windows authentication library, and let you plugin arbitrary methods. Heck, they even whipped up a Slashdot account plugin…(which ensured their posting there *grin*)

Also on /.: Bioware Releases Neverwinter Nights Linux Client Beta Sweet!! I may just toss this thing on my box.

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